Helicopter – routine inspection pays off

I was flying the helicopter today, after picking it up again having had a harder than normal landing, I was having a general look over it for damage, checking the condition of the moving parts, when I spotted that the tail rotor wasn’t sitting quite parallel with the tail boom. Having turned the rotor a couple of times i noticed that it was only one blade that was off, then I spotted the crack. I replaced it and had a few more good flights.

GEDC4542 (1024x683).jpgGEDC4544 (683x1024).jpgGEDC4546 (1024x683).jpgGEDC4547 (683x1024).jpg


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  1. Reading your blog Dad thought the problem with Brendan’s helicopter was the fact that the tail rotor was not quite parallel with the tail boom. Glad you managed to fix it.

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