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Hair Cut day

Both Hannah and I went and got our hair cut today, Hannah’s was a little more extreme than mine.

Needs no explanation. But she does look most lovely don’t you think?

I have fixed my helicopter, after I told them about how the drive cog was on upside down, they sent me another, which I got yesterday. It is exactly the same as the other one, so still not right. So I had some cardboard and packed the motor off the mount so that it works, and sure enough it’s fixed. I now have two good motors both of which will function with packing.

Hannah is off doing her board meeting stuff today after we have lasagna for lunch

4 replies on “Hair Cut day”

Brilliant haircut – what a makeover!
Where is the photo of Brendan before and after his cut?
We like the sound of lasagne for lunch.
It sounds more and more as if Lite Hawk need Brendan as a consultant.

Wow! That haircut looks good, makes me want to have a makeover! I like how you are even in the same place in the room! Are you pleased with it? Looks great xxxx

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