Goodwood FOS

We went to the Festival Of Speed today, it was awesome, however really more than one day is required to see it all. We hope to go for a whole weekend next time.

20150628_180504.jpg 20150628_171653.jpg 20150628_165329.jpg 20150628_144556.jpg 20150628_143137.jpg 20150628_141215.jpg 20150628_141110.jpg 20150628_140007.jpg 20150628_134818.jpg 20150628_131706.jpg 20150628_131451.jpg 20150628_131147.jpg 20150628_130735.jpg 20150628_130307.jpg 20150628_130104.jpg 20150628_124553.jpg 20150628_124223.jpg 20150628_124155.jpg 20150628_123921.jpg 20150628_122007.jpg 20150628_112911.jpg 20150628_111605.jpg 20150628_111209.jpg 20150628_105814.jpg

 There were bikes there too, but I obviously failed to get any pictures of them.

I did get some videos of loads of stuff which i shall put up here as soon as i have found time to edit the junk.