Good Friday

A couple of photos from Thrusday:

It is quarter past eleven here; the sun is out, the snow is still melting and the nurse has been and gone.

We didn’t do much yesterday due to Hannah’s painful back although Brendan managed to get his social security number and half open a bank account. We signed up with an online film company and watched Road Trip in the evening.

They are having a Doctor Who marathon on one channel which is providing good distraction for Hannah.

Thank you for all the comments; we thought it was funny to leave all of Dad’s comments there!! We are supposed to authorise any comment before it is viewed by anyone else but for some reason Jessica can post without authorisation!

Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

One reply on “Good Friday”

The sun has finally come back to Cornwall! After a very cloudy and dull Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Since then it’s been really sunny! :-) No snow here though! Think a day of kayaking is on the cards!

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