Getting back to ‘normal’


Hope everyone is well. Hannah has now, as of yesterday, stopped taking all pain medication :) she is feeling quite sore but considerably better although we are not sure how long the nurses will still have to come for.

Today we have opened our Canadian bank account.

Brendan is settling in at work; they had brought him a brand new computer which he is enjoying (approx $5,000 worth!) Like all new things it is having teething issues with software but they are nearly all ironed out now.

On Tuesday evening Brendan’s colleagues, Jim Anderson, Ibrahim, Sanjay plus other half, came back to the house for a drink and then took us out for dinner. We went to a Greek restaurant which was really nice then we took in a film (Lincoln Lawyer) It was a really nice evening. (Jim had taken us out in Cornwall to a Thai restaurant and so joked that he was introducing us to all new cuisines)

We will take some more photos this weekend and upload.

Tonight we have been out with another of Brendan’s colleagues, Mike Korber; a senior process guy from Mississauga. He has introduced us to Pumpkin Pie (sweet desert) and has suggested that we try bear stew and sugar pie. These are the only ‘true’ Canadian foods! The rest are all imported from other countries.

It is now quarter past ten and past Brendan’s bed-time.

Night night
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (the additional kisses were from Hannah; first five from Brendan :D )

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Glad you are on the mend Hannah :) Now you can start enjoying Canada. Hope you are able to see some of the wedding. Can’t wait for yours now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care lots of love to you bothXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxx

Good news about the medication – does that mean no more plasters as well?
When you eventually come home don’t forget that you have opened a Canadian bank account.
We bet Brendan is in his element with his new PC. Will he want to come home from work?
Look forward to seeing some more photos
Miss you
Lots and lots of love
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (the first six were from Dad the rest from Mum)
I think this is brave of me to try leaving a comment after last week’s debacle

I still get a plaster every day :)

I hope you are impressed with the speed we approved your comment Dad!

Only five months til the wedding now Auntie Ann; have you got your outfit yet?? I hear Val is waiting on you getting yours before looking for hers


No! not yet but am going with some friends to see We will rock you at Southampton on Sat so hopefully will have a look there. Be sure you will be the first to know. Must set up skpe waiting on Joe and he is never in. Take Care xxxxx

Good news about the lack of pain. Would have commented earlier but was attending the royal wedding. Hope all is well. Talk on Monday night xxccxxxcxxxxxxxxxxcc they are all from me including the c’s!

Just noted that as before my post was up before admin permission,clearly the best don’t need approval!!! Xxx

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