Land Rover SE England

Galvanising and laning

Today I managed to visit a galvanising services in Wolverhampton for work. I got a tour around the facility and shown the vat of molten zink. I was not allowed to take pictures inside, which is a shame.

The soft top is pretty water tight now. BUT I only partially covered some patches, so thats not great. Now I need to find some of the oil based water sealer..


I also went to laning again this evening. I had spotted this lane and chosen not to try it that time.

20150914_185013.jpg 20150914_185023.jpg 20150914_185031.jpg 20150914_185035.jpg 20150914_185349.jpg 20150914_185634.jpg 20150914_185647.jpg 20150914_185655.jpg

 I also did a ford:

20150914_183647.jpg 20150914_183830.jpg