Fire near Timmins

Remember when I said last weekend we’d tried to drive to Timmins? Well there is now 41 thousand hectares of burned/burning land up there.

41210 to be precise. Which is:
412 square kilometers;
151 square miles;

Now to put this into perspective and in English/British terms:

The Isle of Silly 16.03 km2 (6.189 sq mi), so they’d be gone;
Guernsey (30 sq mi; 78 sq km).. gone;
The isle of Jersey (45 sq mi; 116 sq km).. gone;
The Isle of Wight would also be gone.. The Isle of Wight measures 147 square miles..

Anyway, you now have an idea of the scale of this fire..

Youtube results for Timmins Fire

In particular a video from the MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources)

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We didn’t get up to very much today, it’s been cooler today, it was 28deg earlier this week and has been in the 20’s all week, today it was as low as 14!

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We know all about forest fires, having seen the 4D film at Science North!

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