Easter Sunday

Some photos from the last few days;

Our fridge :) Tropicana comes on 3.85ltr bottles yet milk comes in bags?!

You don’t buy multi bags of crisps! It is a multi box!

Hannah’s Canadian pasty. Thought this would amuse Uncle Paul – its a pudding at Taco Bell

All of Hannah’s medical stuff. We almost have our own pharmacy! And she is happy – she gets to have a plaster!!

Thank you everyone for our lovely cards – as there is no -one else in the house at the moment we are displaying our cards in the front room :)

Hope you like the photos. Happy Easter to everyone. Hannah is cooking us a roast for lunch in our enormous oven!

The nurse has visited for the day and Hannah said that it hurt a lot less so that was a nice surprise although it is still very sore to sit down or move too much.


One reply on “Easter Sunday”

She would not have got a plaster ‘in my day’! We know from our own bulging first aid box (assisted from what you left behind) that you did not take much medication with you, so it must be reassuring to start building up your own stock in Canada!
We thought the day looked lonely without any comments.
Lots of love

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