SE England

Eastbourne airshow

We went to Eastbourne airshow on Saturday. The Chinook and the lynx helicopters were spectacular to see along with the blade stunt planes which were very good to watch. The Red Arrows were as always.

20140816_122503.jpg 20140816_122510.jpg 20140816_125901.jpg 20140816_130223.jpg 20140816_134528.jpg 20140816_134636.jpg 20140816_134829.jpg 20140816_134940.jpg 20140816_135240.jpg 20140816_135245.jpg 20140816_144055.jpg 20140816_150025.jpg 20140816_150041.jpg 20140816_150219.jpg 20140816_150221.jpg 20140816_151427.jpg 20140816_151432.jpg 20140816_155619.jpg 20140816_155637.jpg 20140816_155731.jpg

¬†And the two Lancaster’s were great to see together.