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Dreadful weather

The weather has been “warm” i..e it has climbed above zero centigrade, much to our disappointment. The snow has melted a lot, there was even grass visible on Troy and Katie’s garden, only where Troy had shoveled though, car parks and sidewalks are now full of puddles, It feels ‘English’ here. How ever that is rapidly on the change this evening, it is snowing now, and it’s settling well. I believe from the looks of the weather reports that it’s going to fall to a high of -6C by Tuesday night.

We have not been up to very much in this past week, just working and living. I noticed that two of the tiny Aloe plants did not survive the trans-plant into the new pots. But the larger of the small 3 does appear to be doing well.

GEDC4806 (1280x853).jpg

Hannah got a kit for making moccasins, she has been busy making them..

GEDC4804 (1280x853).jpgGEDC4803 (1280x853).jpg

Tigger amused us this week, which is not out of the ordinary, but I managed to get it on video!

In other news, I flew my small helicopter outside today, it copes VERY well with the light wind, I am most impressed with its performance.

One reply on “Dreadful weather”

Diane was pleased to read that global warming had reached Sudbury, albeit temporarily. It must have been colder in the UK for awhile.
We were sorry to hear about the loss of some plants.
The moccasins look good.
The video of Tigger brought back memories of our tabby, Sam, who got up to similar antics.
We had not heard about the helicopters for awhile!

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