Dragon boating then Killarney

This weekend we did Dragon boating on Saturday, it was fun, needless to say we didn’t win. Golder put in a team every year, Hannah and I rowed on the team. ┬áIt was a lovely sunny day, great fun, though other than rowing in the three races, we walked about Bell Park and sat about in the shade!! My heart sunk when I returned to the car to find a piece of paper under the windscreen wiper, this is what it was:

Parking Fine.JPG

Initially I wasn’t sure whether to pay it or not! But it later occurred to me that I did’t want the credit for inspiring someone to become a traffic warden/officer.

On Sunday we headed for Killarney, arriving at about 1pm, we stopped briefly in the car park to unpack the bits we wanted on the beach, put on sun screen etc, as Hannah was doing my back, a small bear cub walked between the two rows of cars, right up to our car, stopped looked at us, then did a loop of the car in front of us, then the car next to that. He continued his tour of the car park and exited the far end, headed into the camp site. We reported out siting to the park authorities.

There’s a picture of Troy and I barbecuing at camp and a picture of the view and then the bear.

IMG_5732 (1280x960).jpgIMG_5733 (1280x960).jpgIMG_5740 (1280x960)-MOTION.gif

The last image is an “auto awesome” (the name of the Google feature that creates it) gif file, automatically created by Picasa, though it’s not that awesome because the first two images aren’t part of the sequence.

This is a random video of the road as we drive back up the 69 to Sudbury: