This is a toy robot, its a ‘Tomy’ Dingbot. A small battery powered toy which moves about on wheels. When it bumps in to things it first beeps then moves away and continues on its travels.

It was one of my favourites as a child, now I still have it, but they gave a me driving license and cars to play with, thus it is relegated to a drawer for safe keeping.

This is a website that I discovered whilst looking for some info on Dingbot: http://www.theoldrobots.com/dingbot.html, I used some info on the website for the description on the 3D Warehouse model.

I have now converted and reduced the detail so that the model is on 3D Warehouse, click on the image to view the 3D model in full 3Dnosity.

The 3DS Max file is about 5mb but in sketchup the same (Similiar) files is about 20mb. Lousy sketchup.. The following are some images taken from sketchup.

This is a higher resolution model in 3D Warehouse, again click on the image to see the 3D.

And some pictures of the model which I initally did in Solidworks, then into 3DS Max and out into Sketchup.

Dingbot high res1.jpg Dingbot10.jpg Dingbot02.jpg 603ding.jpg dingbotSW.jpg Dingbot03.jpg 602ding.jpg dingbot1.jpg makethumb ebay.jpg Dingbot08.jpg Dingbot07.jpg dingbot.jpg Dingbot04.jpg Dingbot01.jpg dingbot fork glass.jpg

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