Almost done

The Land Rover has reached a state of almost completed. The brakes are being bedded in and one edge of one patch welded up. Then as soon as the brakes start to pull straight it’ll be in for an MoT.

We had a little snow this weekend, only a little. They had more than 6 inches an hour east of us. I didn’t know that until this morning when I spoke with a colleague.

IMG_20171210_131741.jpg IMG_20171210_090249-PANO.jpg IMG_20171125_171928.jpg IMG_20171125_145904.jpg IMG_20171125_131822.jpg IMG_20171125_123911.jpg

Slow progress

Made some great progress on the Land Rover with some help. Got bits shotblasted, then galvanised, other parts just painted. Dragged it all down to Cornwall in the Volvo, one wing went via Hannah in the Mazda. Also visited the Great Dorset Steam Fair on the way down on the Thursday. then spent a few days building up the Land Rover.

IMG-20170829-WA0001.jpg IMG-20170829-WA0005.jpg IMG_20170829_103624.jpg IMG_20170828_114833.jpg IMG_20170826_143002.jpg IMG_20170826_142904.jpg IMG_20170826_134852.jpg IMG_20170825_162333.jpg IMG_20170825_124456.jpg IMG_20170825_115729.jpg IMG_20170825_115720.jpg IMG_20170825_113844.jpg IMG_20170824_182922.jpg IMG_20170824_134218.jpg IMG_20170817_202717.jpg IMG_20170812_121903.jpg IMG_20170812_121522.jpg IMG_20170812_114556.jpg IMG_20170811_135855.jpg IMG_20170805_144103.jpg IMG_20170802_202155.jpg


Stihl Bar

I picked up a Stihl chainsaw bar for Alan the other day, something of a beast. A double ended milling bar.

IMG_20170310_193336.jpg IMG_20170310_170029.jpg

New tyres

I got two new tyres for the rear of the Volvo, also got it cleaned. This is a piece of glass pipe, a reducing fitting from 6″ to 4″ with the couplings for both ends.

But first off, the cat, he does this every once in while, no idea why. I can only imagine that he likes the feeling of the plastic stuff on his paws.

IMG_20170207_165704.jpg IMG_20170207_165653.jpg IMG_20170207_165645.jpg IMG_20170207_075850.jpg IMG_20170207_075845.jpg IMG_20170207_075138.jpg

PC up and running

My PC is now connected to the network via an internet over power adapter. The adapter is a Zyxel as is our router. I get a ping of about 4ms to the router over the power adapter, which I think is pretty impressive.

We’re getting about 37Mbps out of our new internet service provider, a small company called Zen who are based in Rochdale.

I put a second coat of paint onto the doors and bit and pieces for the land rover last weekend too. I also bought a new air filter for the Volvo the other day, finally got around to fitting it today. It should make a fair difference:

20160929_185616.jpg 20160929_185548.jpg 20160929_185412.jpg 20160926_200131.jpg 20160926_200119.jpg 20160926_200043.jpg

Volvo repairs

This weekend I noticed that my indicator stalk was not as stiff as it should have been, this is the second time it’s broken away. I made up another 3mm thick aluminium bracket to support it. It’s now very well supported.

20160618_191636.jpg 20160618_190051.jpg 20160618_190026.jpg 20160618_175005.jpg 20160618_174949.jpg 20160618_174939.jpg

Cold so cold

This moring it was cold outside. So very cold (All things are relative). Cold enough enough for Jack Frost decorate my car with some sweet patterns. I would like to reprouce this pattern as a vinal wrap for my car.

20160114_065929.jpg 20160114_065941.jpg


That small brown toad stool that I posted a picture of the other week. Well it grew, as did the little red and white one, though that one lost it’s colour a little.

20151022_163857.jpg 20151022_163913.jpg 20151022_163942.jpg

 There was a pretty morning sky last week at work, I took this from the landing outside the office.


The cat pulled some funny faces and I happened to be trying to get an awesome picture of him roaring.

20151019_183355.jpg 20151019_183354.jpg

A rusty grizzly, no miss spelling or bad grammar at all. A grizzly is a type of very course screen using for separating large rocks from smaller ones.


Chapel Porth

We spent the weekend in Cornwall, went to Chapel Porth beach on Friday. It was wet, but that had not put the tourists off.

20150819_183043.jpg 20150821_160158.jpg

And I managed to put the land rover in the garage by taking the hood and sticks off.