Got what I paid for

I purchased some drill bits from Ebay, very cheap ones, but it said that they were cobalt so I thought I’d give them a try for 2 and a bit quid.

After drilling about 6 rivets each they were in this state.
The rivets are only steel

In fairness the drills did have HSS stamped on them, but I suspect that stands for “Highly Soft Steel” in this instance, they’re almost certainly made from Chinesium. In future I’ll pay reasonable money to a reputable shop for decent drill bits. Lesson learned.

York visit

We visited Yorkshire and York last weekend. We visited the national train museum. I was amazed by the cut open steam locomotive, I took the photo looking towards the front of the loco to the right of the photo with the fire box in the foreground to the left. The river is the Ouse and the house is Beningbrough Hall.

IMG_20180715_112537.jpg IMG_20180714_162719-EFFECTS.jpg IMG_20180714_150558.jpg IMG_20180714_150511.jpg IMG_20180714_150108.jpg IMG_20180714_145215.jpg

America holiday

We went on holiday to America, visiting Washington DC and then New York. I was particularly surprised that I might have liked New York more than Washington DC.

Washington DC Photos

New York Photos

One of many highlights was meeting a guy who was feel squirrels nuts by letting the squirrels come and take the nut from him. I took video prior to that.


Having rooted my phone I took some pictures as I did it. But since I had to use my camera I hadn’t had the incing to get the card reader out and put the pictures up here.. now I finally found the motivation.



Hannah and I went to Budapest for the Christmas Market, a trip organised by the sports and social club at work. We took with us many thousands of Forints. A pretty worthless currency, currently about 340 HUR to 1 GBP. They could do with knocking a few zeros of. I saw a very tatty Fiat 500 for 200k. We had a lovely time looking around the town and the Christmas Market. We went up to the top of St. Stephen’s Basilica where there are stunning views across the city, also it’s very grand inside.

1480961484360-61ad1f01-b13e-4ba6-9078-0d73943edb78.jpg 20161203_211547.jpg 20161203_211116.jpg 20161203_202750.jpg 20161203_133509.jpg 20161203_125530.jpg 20161203_123949.jpg 20161203_092934.jpg 20161203_094523.jpg 20161203_092948.jpg 20161202_213856.jpg 20161202_203418.jpg 20161202_192415.jpg 20161202_171257.jpg 20161202_161056.jpg 20161202_140052.jpg 20161202_133222.jpg 20161202_132118.jpg 20161202_125629.jpg 20161201_164009.jpg


We visited some friends in Elgin, Scotland last weekend. We did not see the Lochness monster but I did spot a Liebherr excavator. We also visited the Glenfiddich distillery (single malt wisky) and the Baxters plant (soup). I notice that both places are by appointment to some of our royals and even other counties royals too.

The pictures are of Lochness and Urquhart Castle, The Lochness monster in the form of a nice Liebherr excavator and the beach at Lossiemouth. Glenfiddich distillery and Baxters plant next to the river Spey.













Last week I spent the entire week working i Stockholm. I enjoyed it and got to go into the city one evening. It also happened to be the best week of weather they have had this summer.



 20150813_221128.jpg 20150813_215751.jpg

 20150814_184753.jpg 20150814_184511.jpg 20150814_184502.jpg


 20150814_195757.jpg 20150814_205231.jpg 20150814_205110.jpg

 And back to rainy England!

Sweden for work

I travelled to Sweden on Sunday and returned yesterday. I travelled through Stockholm’s Arlanda airport, stayed the night there, then on Monday travelled on to Kiruna which is close to the LKAB Mine site, in Svapavaara, that we visited. The weather was fair, it was below zero but above -10 all the time we were there. We stayed in Camp Ripan and managed to see the Northern lights.


20150310_065757.jpg 20150311_075434.jpg 20150311_075217.jpg 20150311_081723.jpg 20150311_090242.jpg 20150311_132527.jpg


Craig took pictures with his camera as my phone wouldn’t pick up anything.

DSC_0124.JPG DSC_0120.jpeg