Walk along the Thames and fireworks

Ian (Hannah’s friend) came and visited us on Sunday, we had a roast for lunch then went for a leisurely walk along the Thames and afterwards to a pub for hot chocolates, I had a nice cup of tea. In the evening Hannah and I went to see a fireworks display (For Guy Fawkes night, a celebration of this fellows attempt to blow up parliament in the 1500’s – ok, well that’s no entirely true.). Here are a few pictures:

2013-11-03 15.32.38.jpg2013-11-03 15.26.45.jpg2013-11-03 19.43.37.jpg2013-11-03 19.51.20.jpg2013-11-03 19.36.30.jpg


We went and visited some National Trust gardens today, about an hour north of Maidenhead. Very pretty, we spent a few hours walking around the gardens, a lovely way to spend a day. Nice to get in free too!

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