Easter Weekend

We went to Lauren and James’ on Friday. We all visited Reinham Hall which is a National Trust property where they had an Easter egg hunt. That after back at theirs we saw a fox in the back garden. Saturday I fitted out the shed a little more and reinforced the area of the bench where the 7 inch vice will attach. We spent Sunday in Portsmouth, the picture is of Old Portsmouth. Today (Monday) we went and visited Windlesham Arboretum, very pretty. During the afternoon and with Hannah’s help I sorted the garage out and discovered a wasp is busy making it her home also.

IMG_20170417_175844.jpg IMG_20170417_153654.jpg IMG_20170417_150357.jpg IMG_20170417_104546.jpg IMG_20170417_104513.jpg IMG_20170417_104325.jpg IMG_20170417_104201.jpg IMG_20170417_102806.jpg IMG_20170417_101931.jpg IMG_20170417_101509.jpg IMG_20170416_103101.jpg IMG_20170415_194008.jpg IMG_20170415_173819.jpg IMG_20170415_173809.jpg IMG_20170414_184833.jpg IMG_20170414_140018.jpg

Rudyard Kipling

We visiting two National Trust properties today, firstly Rudyard Kipling’s  house called Batemans. Having found the cafe to be closed we left after an hour or so and continued on to Bodium Castle which is close by. We also very briefly visited a reservoir called Bewl Water and then ever so briefly visited Scotney Castle on the way home.

IMG_20170122_124128.jpg IMG_20170122_120108.jpg

 IMG_20170122_152410.jpg IMG_20170122_143212.jpg IMG_20170122_142811.jpg IMG_20170122_140947.jpg IMG_20170122_135509.jpg IMG_20170122_135252.jpg