Arduino in

Today I fitted the Arduino on the new aluminium back plate to the land rover. It’s wired up enough to run the Arduino and proved the power supply, but no IO are wired in yet.

Next job is to mount the fuses on a piece of aluminium that I can now start to design.

Arduino almost ready

I think that short of the fuse block it’s re-mounted and ready to go back in. The fuse block will go on another piece of the dash.

The common side is now common. Permanently.

The Powerspark points:

I like how much it cost.

Powerspark update

Powerspark received and tested my broken electronic ignition module, they suggested that it might have suffered from premature failure. They’ve put a new one in the post to me at no cost. Wonderful, they’ve been brilliant really. I would been a little miffed if they’d made me buy a new part given that it failed at less than a year old, but then again they can’t be 100% that it’s not something to do with my non standard setup. Who knows. Time will likely tell and I shall carry a spare set of points and condenser just in case!

Brand new set of points and condenser.

I have started the move of the Arduino to behind the dash. I ripped everything out of the old mounting box that I had it in and have mounted it onto an aluminium panel that fits around the steering column and will carry the new dash surround.

Mounted onto the aluminium back plate.

I have yet to mount the fuses. They will likely be to the right of the Arduino set up on the panel that is not made yet, so that they’re accessible.

Calcs and tyre pressure

Was thinking about buying a tyre pump for the car/land rover. This is because Sainsbury’s have started to charge at the tyre pump. Then I was thinking that those pumps they sell for car tyres are particularly rubbish and probably very very slow. It occurred to me that I could use a 240V pump to pressurise a cylinder to a high pressure then use this to inflate tyres.

So speaking with a friend who does scuba diving, there are cylinders available that are 3 litres and will carry that pressure. 

Tree down

We had a tree come down on Sunday night, one of three that used to stand on council property to the back of our house. Luckily it was the middle of the three that had been bend over by the other two away from our garden, so it fell onto pubic land.

The council kindly logged it, and i was able to help deliver it to a fella who lives in front of us.

LED head lights

Fitted my LED head light lamps today. The right one is the LED, the left is the halogen.  One of the picture is main beam, the other dipper. Neither looks brighter than the other to me.

Birthday 37

Birthday 37, I managed to tip over whole mug of tea, not a small one either. Then some tree surgeons turned up and started to cut down a tree out the front and late came around the back and saw the horrible job I’d made of removing a branch of the tree out the back, in January 2016. The cleaned that up for me. But my tyres turned up and I had a lovely day even if Abigail and Hannah both have stinking colds and I was working..IMG-20180905-WA0003.jpg IMG_20180906_134258.jpg IMG_20180906_133530.jpg IMG_20180906_070335.jpg 20160130_153417.jpg

Laning, Lavendar and Blackberrys

Yesterday I realised that we have a ripe crop of blackberrys, so I’ve eaten them on my breakfast muesli. We went to the lavender fields again, it was amazing to see the difference in the lavender over the course of a number of weeks, the tractor thing is a lavender harvester. Today I went laning with a couple of friends down towards the Devils Punch Bowl.

IMG_20180819_151648.jpg IMG_20180819_103926.jpg IMG_20180819_095829.jpg IMG_20180818_122422-PANO.jpg IMG_20180818_092913-EFFECTS.jpg