Black heater blower

I have painted the heater blower now, not done a great job, but it’ll do, it’s far better than it was. At least now it’s build some pressure and move some more air. Reassembly is next, re-fix the resistor to the side of the housing and re-solder the wires to the fan motor.

Nice and black.

I phoned Flag, who’s paint I used, to find out how it was going to do covering the Sika Flex brand sealant I had used to fill some of the gaps. The nice person I spoke with didn’t seem to understand the question very well, and given that the worse case seemed to be that the paint wont take to the polyurethane, I just went ahead and gave it a coat. Whats the worst that’ll happen?

Volvo Alternator

After the voltage regulator failed I purchased second hand alternator for £30. I fitted this and it turns out that it works perfectly.

One new “old” alternator.
Looks like it’s always been there..

I also swapped out the Land Rover starter motor for a new one. It’s made a hell of a difference, I think in part because the old one was rusting from the inside out because of water ingress over 9 years.

New and Old.

Blower welded and painted

I shot blasted the inside of the housing to clean it up and tacked the thing together. Ground back the rather rough welds. Stick welding thin sheet is difficult for me. In some places the sheet is so thin the shot blaster put holes in it.

Just now needs some holes filling and painting black.

Blower housing

I cut away the rusted material today and now have two of the three patches complete and ready to weld in.

Cut away the bad..
Two patches made
Just need some careful spot welds now.

Snow weekend

We had snow from Thursday to Saturday, it was great fun and caused no end of chaos on the roads.

Clikc and Collect at Sainsbury’s wasn’t functioning. I couldn;t see what the issue was.

Heater Blower housing

Used the 4 inch with wire wheel to start cleaning up the rusty housing, it’s not so bad, there is good metal in places. I think I am going to replace a good chunk of the area that rusted away. Probably replace a full quarter segment of the housing.

Heater Blower housing
Working at dusk

Arduino build complete

That’s the Land Rover running and fully functional again. Now onto the next jobs, the list starts with:

  • Heater Blower housing repair
  • Remainder of Dash
  • Windscreen wiper limit switch or park position
  • New seat back
  • New seat base
  • Disk brake conversion
  • Galvanised chassis
  • endless list starts here..
Fuses mounted, it’s a tight fit and a touch too close to the replays really, but that’s life and I’m not about to take the time to fix that issue.

Fuse block and dash

I have now made up the dash front/lower part and also the right hand end that houses the fuses.

Dash Lower part
Fuse carrying end part.

It just needs bolting in and livening up. Then the Land Rover is fully functional once more.

Arduino in

Today I fitted the Arduino on the new aluminium back plate to the land rover. It’s wired up enough to run the Arduino and proved the power supply, but no IO are wired in yet.

Next job is to mount the fuses on a piece of aluminium that I can now start to design.

Arduino almost ready

I think that short of the fuse block it’s re-mounted and ready to go back in. The fuse block will go on another piece of the dash.

The common side is now common. Permanently.

The Powerspark points:

I like how much it cost.