Land Rover on Towan Sands

Dave and I managed to locate the series 2 Land Rover that was lost to the beach in January of 1990. Dave saw it in the news and we went and found it.

IMG_20170709_123213-PANO.jpg IMG_20170709_121934-EFFECTS.jpg IMG_20170709_121336.jpg IMG_20170709_121248.jpg IMG_20170709_115425.jpg

Weekend in Cornwall

We spent a weekend in Cornwall. No working on the land rover, just a social weekend of relaxing. We had a blowy walk on Godrevy with dad and visited my land rover, but only to look at it.

IMG_20170501_105307.jpg IMG_20170501_091434.jpg IMG_20170430_115120-PANO.jpg IMG_20170429_140621.jpg IMG_20170429_140600.jpg IMG_20170429_135706-PANO.jpg

Shed Delivery

Today the shed was delivered. Because my back isn’t so great they off loaded it for me and stacked it neatly so that I can assemble at my leisure. ¬†They even went to the trouble of stacking it in the order that I’ll want the panels. Pretty thoughtful professionals. The other pictures are Tigger trying to help me learn C# language to program my Arduous.

IMG_20170214_170140.jpg IMG_20170214_130828.jpg IMG_20170213_202514.jpg IMG_20170213_202055.jpg

Radiator and Gerry Can

I have painted my Radiator gloss black now. It’s looking nice. Also Hannah got me a Gerry Can for Christmas, not my only gift, but it fits here.

20161228_141503.jpg 20161228_141426.jpg

20161228_164402.jpg 20161228_164327.jpg 20161228_164303.jpg 20161228_164246.jpg

Radiator red

I have now finished the bulkhead repairs, so the settings wings and front panel are now off. Front panel will go for galvanising. The radiator is getting a coat of paint. Hannah and I saw these panels of prefabricated concrete with bricks, never seen anything like that before. The totum pole was given to the UK by the first nations from Alberta, it stands at Virginia water.

20161127_161710.jpg 20161127_150718.jpg 20161127_150421.jpg 20161127_145228.jpg 20161127_121120.jpg 20161126_123927.jpg


Land Rover bulkhead project

I have finally gotten the bulk head done. At least there is nothing more that I want to do before galvanising. I have collected and prepared all of the parts that can be shot blasted and some of those will go for galvanising. I have now stripped the wings off the grill, as the front panel will go for galvanising. The wings will get a tidy up and some new aluminium inner wings and parts. I saw snow at my Auntie Jean’s in South Petherton when I visited.

20161120_100653.jpg 20161119_184459.jpg 20161118_111725.jpg

PC up and running

My PC is now connected to the network via an internet over power adapter. The adapter is a Zyxel as is our router. I get a ping of about 4ms to the router over the power adapter, which I think is pretty impressive.

We’re getting about 37Mbps out of our new internet service provider, a small company called Zen who are based in Rochdale.

I put a second coat of paint onto the doors and bit and pieces for the land rover last weekend too. I also bought a new air filter for the Volvo the other day, finally got around to fitting it today. It should make a fair difference:

20160929_185616.jpg 20160929_185548.jpg 20160929_185412.jpg 20160926_200131.jpg 20160926_200119.jpg 20160926_200043.jpg

Bronze green

I bought some bronze green paint from Paddocks a while ago, it’s real leaded nasty paint, which is a joy to use. The joy part is likely to turn into a head ache later I expect. It does go on very nicely.

20160918_163230.jpg 20160918_163221.jpg 20160918_163213.jpg 20160918_163204.jpg 20160918_163150.jpg 20160918_154137.jpg