Radiator red

I have now finished the bulkhead repairs, so the settings wings and front panel are now off. Front panel will go for galvanising. The radiator is getting a coat of paint. Hannah and I saw these panels of prefabricated concrete with bricks, never seen anything like that before. The totum pole was given to the UK by the first nations from Alberta, it stands at Virginia water.

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Land Rover bulkhead project

I have finally gotten the bulk head done. At least there is nothing more that I want to do before galvanising. I have collected and prepared all of the parts that can be shot blasted and some of those will go for galvanising. I have now stripped the wings off the grill, as the front panel will go for galvanising. The wings will get a tidy up and some new aluminium inner wings and parts. I saw snow at my Auntie Jean’s in South Petherton when I visited.

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PC up and running

My PC is now connected to the network via an internet over power adapter. The adapter is a Zyxel as is our router. I get a ping of about 4ms to the router over the power adapter, which I think is pretty impressive.

We’re getting about 37Mbps out of our new internet service provider, a small company called Zen who are based in Rochdale.

I put a second coat of paint onto the doors and bit and pieces for the land rover last weekend too. I also bought a new air filter for the Volvo the other day, finally got around to fitting it today. It should make a fair difference:

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Bronze green

I bought some bronze green paint from Paddocks a while ago, it’s real leaded nasty paint, which is a joy to use. The joy part is likely to turn into a head ache later I expect. It does go on very nicely.

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Long time no post

I’ve not posted for a while, guess that not being able to access this blog editor at work is having an affect on my productivity both here and at work.

A couple or more week ends ago I spent the week at Al’s, with Dave working on the bulkhead, Dave and I got the remaining footwell welded in and also got a bunch of patches done.

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Land Rover again

I’ve been rebuilding my door bottoms. I’d planned on putting the old aluminum skins on, but when I got the old ones off it turned out that they’re badly corroded. So I’m going to have to live with all new ones. Then last weekend I started pulling apart the bulkhead, drilling spot welds and grinding the bad bits. Also Alan and Dave spotted that my exhaust manifold was creaked, see the Youtube video. On the way home I had a blow out on the Volvo. Guess I’ll need a new tyre.

20160613_065750.jpg 20160612_130908.jpg 20160612_130846.jpg 20160612_130843.jpg 20160612_130832.jpg 20160612_130823.jpg 20160612_122448.jpg 20160612_101717.jpg 20160612_101710.jpg 20160612_101701.jpg 20160612_100509.jpg 20160611_105915.jpg 20160609_200424.jpg 20160609_200410.jpg 20160607_195818.jpg 20160607_195243.jpg 20160606_192936.jpg 20160606_192926.jpg 20160606_192921.jpg

Bulkhead off

That’s not an insult unless you’re a Land Rover. Alan and Dave helped me strip it off the truck. Now I just need to fix up the bulkhead and galvanise it then refit. It’s going to take ages.

20160605_161602.jpg 20160605_161553.jpg 20160605_154840.jpg 20160605_154835.jpg 20160605_154822.jpg 20160605_154819.jpg 20160605_154809.jpg 20160605_121804.jpg 20160605_121756.jpg 20160605_113619.jpg 20160604_174611.jpg 20160604_174104.jpg 20160604_160805.jpg 20160604_160412.jpg 20160604_151004.jpg 20160604_150455.jpg

Land Rover to Cornwall

I took the Land Rover to Cornwall for an MoT and removal of the bulk head. I’m keen to see how good or bad the bulk head is, then perhaps replace it with a different one or just mend and galvanise the one that goes back on. I might ever get this disk brake thing sorted and on. The Land Rover might be be back on the road until winter, or later..
While in Cornwall we went out on some green lanes and visited Polly Joke.

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