Bees and red ox.

Today I mowed the grass and spotted a ground bees nest. I got a load of pictures of the bees coming and going, but honestly one you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all.

20150607_111338-1.jpg 20150607_103034.jpg

I also choose to paint the rim of one of my land rover weller 8 spoke wheels this afternoon.


Land Rover back to Bracknell

Today I drove the Land Rover back up to Bracknell via Salisbury plain. Alan kitted me out with tools and loads of gear, such that no matter what became me on the trip, I would not need to use my AA cover. I glad though that I didn’t need it or the tools.

20150606_174334.jpg 20150606_175315.jpg 20150606_175326.jpg 20150606_200044.jpg 20150606_200223.jpg 20150606_132013.jpg 20150606_165956.jpg 20150606_165751.jpg

Cruising at what appears to be 40 mph and 2500 rpm, in reality thats closer to 60 mph.

Salisbury Plain

Arduino output working

Today I got my Arduino and relays working, just on a tutorial code for which I can take no credit. Credit belongs here:

And the proof is here;


Circuit Board drilling

I drilled all the holes into the PCB board last night, using a regular sized cordless drill and my tiny drill bits. I held both items, one in each hand and was able to drill all the holes without much trouble.



 2015-05-14 21.40.33.jpg 2015-05-14 21.39.56.jpg

Cornwall trip

I was told that I must take a weeks leave from work, so I thought I’d MoT my Land Rover. I also visited friends and family.

1594.jpg 1590.jpg 1588.jpg 1582.jpg 1580.jpg 1579.jpg 1573.jpg 20150423_153638.jpg 20150423_150921.jpg

 I also went out walking with dad and family.

20150424_105607.jpg 20150424_104137.jpg 20150424_103223.jpg 20150424_101818.jpg


I used some cold tinning solution to put a protective coating which is easier to solder to.

IMG_20150413_192743.jpg IMG_20150413_192809.jpg IMG_20150413_192800.jpg IMG_20150413_200035.jpg IMG_20150413_193843.jpg

 Also we went to the gadget show at the Birmingham NEC. It was good, I purchased a tablet, for a whopping £29.95. Android operating system. YES IT IS BRAND NEW. Using it to write this post!


Etched PCB

Today I etched the PCB board using ferric Chloride.  It worked a treat, but probably showed that I should have cleaned up the board better and taken more time and had more patients when doing the ironing of the print. Either way it has worked and I now have some tinning solution in the post so that I can coat the bear copper with something to making soldering to the board easier and also to protect the copper from corrosion.


PCB Printing

I printed the circuit onto photo paper and cleaned the PCB board using a kitchen scrubber thingy, brand new. I then ironed the print onto the PCB board, I don’t think I ironed it for long enough or hard enough, so I wound up spending my evening colouring in the blackness using a Staedtler Permanent marker pen as supplied by the etching solution people from Ebay.


Easter Weekend

We didn’t get up to a great deal over the long weekend, we did have Lynn and Gerry to visit on Friday and on Sunday visited Portsmouth where Hannah cooked a great roast! We visited Basildon Park (NT) on Saturday, which was pleasant but busy. Mowed the grass and kept busy around the house the rest of the time.

20150404_144339.jpg 20150406_181612.jpg

 I started to design a printed circuit board for the shift registers to expand my Arduino board on Monday.