Aloe Vera and Helicopters news

Last Tuesday I had to move my Aloe Vera plant off the heater, as the heater is under the window and the window have been open to cool the flat, so the plant was very cold, probably close to freezing. I felt this might be retarding it’s growth/intellect, so it now resides on top of a cabinet on the far side of the room in the 23 or 24 degree heat of our apartment.
On that heat subject we spoke to our land lord and asked if he could turn the heating down, he explained that the heating is provided by a boiler which supplies all the apartments, ours though is one of the first in the loop… So I suggested that we might insulate our heaters so that the heat is kept in the pipes and passed on to the next apartment.
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The helicopter might not have battery issues, not sure if I said but I thought I had wrecked the battery by letting it get too low on charge (Li-po battery’s are very susceptible to over or under charge) but flying it today it didn’t display all the right symptoms for that, so I am now wondering if it might be the control bored inside of it. I shall email the makers and see what they suggest.

Helicopter – routine inspection pays off

I was flying the helicopter today, after picking it up again having had a harder than normal landing, I was having a general look over it for damage, checking the condition of the moving parts, when I spotted that the tail rotor wasn’t sitting quite parallel with the tail boom. Having turned the rotor a couple of times i noticed that it was only one blade that was off, then I spotted the crack. I replaced it and had a few more good flights.

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Helicopter crash

The saga of helicopter continues, having decided to not fly it inside anymore because of the risk of damaging possessions or plants, I flew outside for a number of days, then it rained a lot last week or was too windy. So today I set about tidying the flat while Hannah was at work, whilst tidying I wondered if I might get away with a quick hover around the bed room. So having tided and made sure that there were no aloe vera plants in the room, I had a fly, all was going well, I had about 4 or 5 good flights, controlled and intentional maneuvers etc. Then I ditched close to the window, I throttles in as it went down, but too late, the blades smashed into the lower part of the radiator, I heard a crack and saw a flash of something. I discovered that it had removed the last 10mm (3/8″) of one of the rotor blades. Not a problem as spares come with it. So I simply replaced the broken blade.


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Helicopter incident

I had an “incident” involving the helicopter last Thursday evening.

I was flying it in our small apartment, first off I was just lifting only a few mm’s off the floor, then trying to control it, this was proving difficult, so i Googled why it was setting off left every time. Turns out that since the helicopter has only 3 channels of control and no blade pitch control, it will suffer from that effect, caused by the tail rotor resisting the torsion of the main rotor.. so all helicopters suffer from this to some extent. To mitigate this effect it is best to reach a height of 3 feet in the air before trying to hover etc, this also gets away from ground effect problems.. Ground effect makes all the controls far more sensitive apparently. With this in mind I went back to trying, and soon was up above 4 feet, then I went towards the window, reduced throttle a lot to avoid a collision with the window, the helicopter dropped into my Aloe Vera plant, the rotor sliced up the leaves a treat… poor plant.

I have been nurturing this plant for a few months now, I think I got the plant in May, it was quite weedy then. The leaves were doing very well. I hope it recovers. If not there are a few small plants which have sprung up, so they will succeed it if not.

All pictures of plant and helicopter.