Powerup FPV

These are my flights from Sunday, I forgot to record some. So excited to just fly it.

Powerup FPV

At long last, having ordered it shortly after Christmas (2015) I have now received my Powerup FPV plane. I plan on flying it tomorrow if the weather conditions are right.

20161125_193625.jpg 20161125_190117.jpg 20161125_190051.jpg 20161125_173516.jpg 20161125_173507.jpg 20161125_171550.jpg 20161125_171434.jpg

RC helicopters

This weekend I have been going through the many helicopters that I was given.

20150502_175044.jpg 20150502_175054.jpg

 Also I’m off to Sweden to use this 3D scanner to survey a mine plant.

20150503_183734.jpg 20150503_183707.jpg

Helicopter Flight

Martin and Diane gave me a helicopter flight experience for my birthday, at Goodwood. Great fun.  Flew for about 10 mins and was able to see the sea, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight

IMG_20141004_170032.jpg IMG_20141004_165842.jpg IMG_20141004_165805.jpg IMG_20141004_165623.jpg IMG_20141004_165550.jpg IMG_20141004_165438.jpg IMG_20141004_165418.jpg IMG_20141004_165352.jpg IMG_20141004_165152.jpg IMG_20141004_165115.jpg

Fixed Heli

Got the new tail rotor shaft, fitted it and flew it. But I did notice on closer inspection that I am missing part of a tooth on the main gear.


Bent tail shaft

The tail shaft is about 32mm long and no more than 1mm in diameter. I am almost unable to bend it with my bare fingers. Its hard, real hard, and bent. How on earth does an 80g object bend something that hard?!


Helicopter crashed

Crashed into an electrical box in a carpark on Sunday. Lost a single linkage from the head. Upon further inspection I found that the tail shaft was also bent, I suspect this has been the case for quite some time though.

2014-05-20 18.34.23.jpg 2014-05-19 19.06.48.jpg 2014-05-19 19.06.10.jpg 2014-05-19 19.05.45.jpg 2014-05-19 19.05.33.jpg

Fixed Helicopter

Having flown the helicopter I one again noticed that I’d broken the fixes from last time and the time before. This time I have chosen to use milk bottle plastic for the repair. It would seem to be more pliable and possibly less prone to snapping. A little more plastic than the other plastic..

2014-05-15 22.23.35.jpg 20140515_222207_Richtone(HDR).jpg

WOTE – Cardiff

Went and saw Walk Of The Earth in Cardiff, it was really good, great entertainment and fantastic music.


In other news, not surprisingly I crashed my helicopter again. Lost a part which is costing £1.99 Inc P+P from Hong Kong.

Mended kind of

Here’s the mend. Bodge. What ever you want to call it.


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