We visited Powerstock Common today for the first time. This is the location:
I finally got some more done to the loft shelving. Managed to finish the long shelf that runs the length of the house, then also managed to finish a big shelf that spans the middle of three of the trusses at the end of the house. This is 1200 mm deep by about 2700 mm wide, but of cause the trusses come through one end of it, so the useful area is less than that. Next I need to continue with another shelf that will run most of the length of the house on the other side.
We need shelving in our loft space, so I have set about putting in some extra beams and some OSB board as a 3′ wide shelf that will run the length of the house, eventually on both sides of the walkable area in the middle of the loft. And here is a slightly odd looking panoramic photo to show the whole end of the loft space. 16 feet of shelf laid in, just need to screw it down.
I am not convinced that I made it much better, but I certainly changed the way the engine runs and picks up. I would be hard pressed to say it’s better, just different. I quite like it, I think. I think I’ll run with this for the time being. I drove out towards Evershot stopping in laybys to tweak the timing, then go again, stop again, more tweaking, go again. First it got worse, so I went back the other way, and it seemed to get better. Then I tinkered with the fuel mixture, made it too rich, so backed off again back to almost where I started at. Anyways, I went down a white road.. This will be fun in the winter when the water is running right over the bridge.
Mounted it on the wall. Also removed the old rawl plugs from the taps as they were pulling out and replaced them with new ones and new screws such that the tag is no longer floating against the wall.
I was getting fed up with the garden hose hanging on the tap, so I’ve made what would have been a very expensive bracket, had I paid for the solid copper bar.
I have started the job of replacing the air receiver with a smaller nicer one. This new one will go in the wheel arch of the rear wheel, rather than in the rear load space. That is the location where it’ll be. Old fire extinguisher and new air receiver below. I’ve since swsapped over the pressure switch and air line connector to the new receiver.
For Christmas I got a new good as the old one was falling apart. Then went for a trip to the tip, as you do.