Shed Delivery

Today the shed was delivered. Because my back isn’t so great they off loaded it for me and stacked it neatly so that I can assemble at my leisure.  They even went to the trouble of stacking it in the order that I’ll want the panels. Pretty thoughtful professionals. The other pictures are Tigger trying to help me learn C# language to program my Arduous.

IMG_20170214_170140.jpg IMG_20170214_130828.jpg IMG_20170213_202514.jpg IMG_20170213_202055.jpg

New tyres

I got two new tyres for the rear of the Volvo, also got it cleaned. This is a piece of glass pipe, a reducing fitting from 6″ to 4″ with the couplings for both ends.

But first off, the cat, he does this every once in while, no idea why. I can only imagine that he likes the feeling of the plastic stuff on his paws.

IMG_20170207_165704.jpg IMG_20170207_165653.jpg IMG_20170207_165645.jpg IMG_20170207_075850.jpg IMG_20170207_075845.jpg IMG_20170207_075138.jpg

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Leveling for Shed

This weekend I did a little more soil moving in the garden, I have started to level an area for the shed to go.

IMG_20170115_135442.jpg IMG_20170115_132816.jpg


Tigger has been bringing mice into the house, he’s gotten good at catching them and bringing them in unharmed. He then releases them to chase them about the house and they get away from him and hide, until they wander into one of our two humane mouse traps. This was last nights mouse.



Tigger was hanging onto my t-shirt the other day, so I got a picture.



That small brown toad stool that I posted a picture of the other week. Well it grew, as did the little red and white one, though that one lost it’s colour a little.

20151022_163857.jpg 20151022_163913.jpg 20151022_163942.jpg

 There was a pretty morning sky last week at work, I took this from the landing outside the office.


The cat pulled some funny faces and I happened to be trying to get an awesome picture of him roaring.

20151019_183355.jpg 20151019_183354.jpg

A rusty grizzly, no miss spelling or bad grammar at all. A grizzly is a type of very course screen using for separating large rocks from smaller ones.


Crazy cat

He’s taken to attacking his tail. 

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White Paint

Finished putting the last coat of white paint onto the fourth wheel. With that done and being aware that the paint tin lid was no longer sealing, I chose to try to use up the last of the paint on the land rover. I now have  white bumper and a variety of other white patches which hopefully will not rust!

2015-08-06 20.20.14.jpg

One down

I have now completed one wheel, painted with two coats of red-oxide primer and two more of white Hammerite.


 I put that wheel on the near side rear of the land rover, which turns out is the wrong side because the tires are directional. I have now started the next wheel.

20150627_202841.jpg 20150627_174934.jpg

 The tomato plants that Martin kindly gave us are doing ok, but for have a few green fly which we’re tackling with soapy water.


 I got a great picture of Tigger looking just livid.


Cat returned

Tigger returned to us on Tuesday morning at 4am. Meow, hopped on the bed with big muddy paws, woke us both up. We’re thrilled to have him back. I also lost my wallet and got it returned to me all in the space of a day. I didn’t even think it was lost until the Police called to let me know that it had been found by a local person on our road.

20150324_082647.jpg 20150324_075702.jpg

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