Trip to Canada

Hannah and I had a wonderful trip to Sudbury first, then go Pentictan and partly over to Vancouver island. We loved visiting our friends and family.

20160513_131407.jpg 20160513_114515.jpg 20160513_111736.jpg 20160513_111715.jpg 20160513_110857.jpg 20160513_110519.jpg 20160512_162013.jpg 20160512_160938.jpg 20160512_154248.jpg 20160512_141701.jpg 20160512_140134.jpg 20160511_174039.jpg 20160511_140047.jpg 20160511_133551.jpg 20160511_130701.jpg 20160511_110549.jpg 20160511_110219.jpg 20160510_182144.jpg 20160510_182036.jpg 20160510_165734.jpg 20160510_152915.jpg 20160510_102712.jpg 20160508_131555.jpg 20160508_131441.jpg 20160508_090847.jpg 20160507_193151.jpg 20160507_134845.jpg 20160507_134506.jpg 20160507_113318-01.jpeg 20160507_113016.jpg 20160507_110604.jpg 20160506_165702-EFFECTS.jpg 20160503_140247.jpg 20160503_115357.jpg 20160503_110037.jpg 20160503_105259.jpg 20160502_175310.jpg 20160501_151230.jpg 20160501_143909.jpg 20160501_140412.jpg 20160501_134939.jpg 20160501_132328.jpg 20160501_003536.jpg

Various bits and bobs

Last week I finally diagnosed and fixed the tinny noise that the land rover develop while in Wales, the exhaust had come lose at the joint with the manifold. The brass bolts that I’d used made life easy as they’ve not corroded as steel ones would have done.

Put some glass blocks in the wall between the utility and the hall way. Hannah’s idea which we’ve now put into practice.

20151010_143119.jpg 20151010_153247.jpg 20151010_154619.jpg

We have a whole load of mushrooms and toadstools coming up in our garden.

20151010_161842.jpg 20151010_161903.jpg 20151010_161952.jpg 20151010_161928.jpg

Today we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving. We had Hannah’s family up for the day, Hannah cooked turkey with all the trimmings, she made three options for desert and even made butter tarts, that were brilliant. We went for a walk at South Hill Park;


Weekend of not too much

This weekend I flew my helicopter in the weight watchers carpark next door. Here is the film from the heli:

And here are the pictures from my visit to the paper factory and then our walk along the Thames.

2014-01-15 21.50.13.jpg2014-01-16 20.10.23.mp42014-01-18 15.02.54.jpg2014-01-18 15.04.50.jpg2014-01-18 15.05.49.jpg2014-01-18 15.05.56.jpg2014-01-18 15.11.40.jpg2014-01-18 15.13.15.jpg2014-01-18 15.22.52.jpg2014-01-18 15.23.55.jpg2014-01-18 15.24.04.jpg2014-01-18 15.28.43.jpg2014-01-18 15.31.16.jpg2014-01-18 15.31.39.jpg2014-01-18 15.35.00.jpg2014-01-18 15.35.59.jpg2014-01-18 15.36.35.jpg2014-01-18 15.37.28.jpg2014-01-18 15.43.00.jpg2014-01-18 15.44.52.jpg2014-01-18 15.46.05.jpg2014-01-18 15.50.18.jpg2014-01-19 14.51.47.jpg2014-01-19 15.08.57.jpg2014-01-19 15.09.01.jpg


Two mice now

Tigger is collecting dread mice outside the window. There are two there now. Hannah went to Cardiff today. So I was left wondering what I might get up to today. Thought I’d go to school.. Not one I’ve been too before though. Here are some pictures:




Tigger brought home a mouse today. Hannah and I had wildly different responses to this. Our responses were probably far more interesting than the mouse. Tigger did look pretty thrilled with his catch and offering to us.. Which was not received by hid staff as he might have liked I don’t think. I tried to show him that I was pleased. But want going to partake in the eating.


Thought this morning Tigger only went out through the window as far as the window ledge, then when another cat came on the scene he howled at the other cat, until I let him in again and the other cat ran off. He hasn’t yet got the hang of fighting with his opponent yet, just yelling, what I can only assume are obsenities.

Going to be living in Berkshire

So we’ve been busy over the past few days since we got back, found a place to live, got a mobile (cell) phone and also think we’ve found a car that we might buy. Tomorrow is D-day for all, we hope to sign the contract with the estate agents and also buy the car..

Off to have a bite to eat now at the pub next door.

Almost not in Canada

We’ve been very busy this past few weeks, selling stuff and getting around seeing our friends and relatives around Sudbury, also seeing things for one last time before we head out. Tigger is finally done with his visits to his least favorite place.. I only have two days remaining to work in the Sudbury office. The apartment is devoid of comforts necessities, we’re moved into the house that we started off life in Canada. Farewell to Canada, we’ll miss you, but we’ll be back to visit, hello England, home we come.

Canoeing and wildlife

We went to Killarney today, to go Canoeing. Having set off at about 10am we arrived having seen some deer, Hannah saw two raccoon coming down a tree and setting off into the bush. We then went for paddle right to the far end of George Lake and back. It was a little on the windy side but still warm enough, we stopped for a spot of lunch at what must be a popular spot as there was the remnants of a fire. On our way back home I spotted a bear at the side of the road and then half an hour on Hannah saw two big male moose at the side of the road.


Counting down

This post has nothing to do with counting down, I was just mulling over the fact that we’ll soon not be in Sudbury.

So here are few of pictures from our weekend. We had great fun, at Camp and then a party on Sunday night with Hannah’s work colleagues and Monday at Fairbanks.

GEDC6456 (1280x853).jpgGEDC6459 (1280x853).jpgIMG_7000 (1280x960).jpgIMG_7106 (1280x960).jpgIMG_7127 (1280x960).jpgIMG_7137 (1280x960).jpgGEDC6463 (1280x853).jpg

Where I found a log in the water..

IMG_7140 (1280x960).jpg

Which I thought I’d re-float..

IMG_7141 (1280x960).jpgIMG_7142 (960x1280).jpgIMG_7143 (960x1280).jpg

but it didn’t get into open water…

IMG_7144 (1280x960).jpg

So I tried again..

IMG_7145 (960x1280).jpgIMG_7146 (960x1280).jpg


IMG_7147 (960x1280).jpg

Also, I had seen this combine harvester a few times, but never stopped to get a closer look..

GEDC6468 (1280x853).jpgGEDC6469 (1280x853).jpgGEDC6470 (1280x853).jpgGEDC6471 (1280x853).jpgGEDC6472 (853x1280).jpg

And got bitten quite a few times over the weekend.

IMG_7149 (1280x960).jpg