SE England

Broken Volvo and Heli

Last Thursday I was leaving work at 5pm, I walked down to my car, got in, fastened my seat belt, pulled the choke out and started the car, it revved up to about 4000 rpm, and when revved it would go higher, but did not reduce. I turned the engine off and thought about what had just happened. I popped the bonnet (hood) and started to look to see what the issue was. I decided initially that I must be a stuck butterfly in the carburettor, but this was not the case. After almost an hour, and a call to Hannah to come get me I realised that the throttle cable has a spring loaded mechanism which is used to do something I imagine, what it might do I am unaware of, it has an electrical spade terminal to which no wires are connected. So I just removed the offending spring, reassembled it all and the car is just fine again.

Sunday morning I was flying the helicopter about in the weight watchers carpark, I was flying large loops over the trees, back into the car park, then low across where was I was standing and up over the trees again. On my last pass I was flying fast down the car park and happened to fly right into a lamp post, as fast as I could. one rotor blade detached itself and landed on the other side of the road from the car park and a connecting rod came off but luckily landed close by.
I had all the parts and believe it is back in good shape again, but I have yet to fly it again since the accident.

Damaged parts:

blade grip – broken
Tail drive failed, shaft no longer connected.
Connecting rod – no longer on the helicopter
Servo – gears stripped and jammed.