House Land Rover SE England

Breakfast Fruits from the Garden

Wednesday morning I picked some fruits from our garden to on my muesli. It was very rewarding considering how little I did to achieve the result.

Also been busy painting more land rover parts black.

IMG_20170802_202143.jpg IMG_20170802_202126.jpg IMG_20170802_062654.jpg IMG_20170801_194512.jpg PANO_20170731_183533.jpg

2 replies on “Breakfast Fruits from the Garden”

Likewise a great feeling picking your own breakfast fruit, brings back memories of Clifton Cottage, wandering down the orchard before breakfast. Seeing if the blackbird had left any currants on the bushes….

PS the garden is looking great, and the shed too, every man needs a shed, and bigger is definitely better. Sheds are where real life takes place, not offices or shops. I bet Jesus had a great shed, he was a wood-butcher after all!

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