Canada Cat

Back in Sudbury

We really enjoyed our visit home,  much fun was had, wonderful to see everyone. We made it back, a pretty uneventful journey really, though many of the people on the plane did clap and cheer when plane landed, not sure why as it wasn’t particularly windy and it seemed like a pretty fair landing. We’ve not been up to very much since we got back, I installed the AC unit. We picked up Tigger and got him settled back into life at the flat. Hannah got a great video of him last week:

You might have noticed that there was not a keyboard on the desk? Well that’s because Tigger has pushed it right under the upper desk shelf.. and that is why Hannah and I sometimes fail to do much typing on the computer, it’s all Tigger’s fault!

The Weather here is warm and humid, today Google says it’s been 30°C and 66% humidity, which is going to rise as the temperature falls over night to a low of 12°C and 85% humidity. Although other night it was about 15°C and 100% humidity.