At long last

The weather past week or so has been grey, cloudy and cold, (Cold = 20°C) and at times raining. So not too spectacular. I am convinced that our visitor brought this bad weather from her home country… Tut. We’ve been doing a bit recently, since we do indeed have a visitor, this past week we’ve been trying to go out and about, we went to the cinema last week, go-karting on Thursday with Tibor, Friday night we had dinner out and Saturday night we went for one of Troy’s ‘legend wait for it derry’ pool ‘par-tays’. Today we were up very late because of the late night, we went to Windy Lake, thinking that we might have a swim, but that didn’t come off as the lake lived up to it’s name, it was windy and cool. On the way back we stopped in at Onaping Falls, as the last time Rebecca saw it, there was approximately a foot of snow on the ground. We then headed home, as we were travelling along the stretch of road between Azilda and Sudbury, I was thinking that the stack was smoking nicely, and was wondering what comes out of it, in terms of chemical make up and also if they might be pouring today. I went on a site visit last week, which took me right in to where they pour, but they weren’t at the time of my visit. However, as we were driving down the road here at 46.503806,-81.042797. We saw Vale pouring the very hot molten slag from the smelting process:

Pouring the slag

P8110300 (2).jpgP8110301.JPGP8110302.JPG


We had to turn around and drive back to find somewhere to pull over and view the spectacle from.

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  1. Fabulous pictures. Need to be fit to go up and down all those steps!. We are getting better weather over here. Been a great summer for once!

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