Welcome to the fourth generation of this website now known as bhhh.co.uk. Many things have changed since those days, some for the better. Of cause there are those things that will just not change, no matter how much one might try.

Your safety is our number one concern so please take when moving about on this site. This site is always under construction, please mind the gaps and broken links.

This site has had:
accidents since 12th October 2012.


  1. bhcars.co.uk – my website in html for the fun of it. (2005-2007)
  2. bhcars.co.uk – my website in html, but with much better coding (2007-2009)
  3. bhcars.co.uk – my website in php (2009-2011)
  4. bhhh.co.uk – using WordPress as a blog for my now wife and I to use as a diary during our stay in Canada. back in the UK, but still blogging a little. (2011-present)

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