92 Hyland Drive

We are now in the house….and it is baking! Brendan thinks it must be about 30 degrees in the house. Outside it is about 5 degrees. Outside is low humidity, with a clear blue sky so feels warmer than 5 degrees.

We don’t have much planned for today but we do now have Hannah’s laptop connected to the house internet so will be able to keep in touch.

The hire car is a black Dodge Caliber; automatic. Hannah is pleased as she wanted us to have a dodge at some point!

We did a bit of shopping in Walmart yesterday and discovered that they rarely do squash you add water too! How strange – so lots of fresh juice or water.

We are sharing the house with two guys – Jordan and Nevin who both seem nice. They will be moving out on Thursday but it is nice to have some insider knowledge. Apparently a lot of the food is GM here and even if it states organic that only means that up to 30% of it is!

We look forward to some comments!!

Lots of love xxx

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Glad you got there safely. I know how excited I got in oz when people wrote on our blog, so I will make sure I do so regularly. Have told Dad not to make embarrassing comments like he did on mine though. Thinking of booking my flights on thursday-is that too soon?! lots of love xxxxx

Hello darlings,
Glad to hear you arrived safely and have enjoyed reading all the bits on facebook and the blog so far.
All sounds great.
Just got in from work and now off to Pizza Express.
Lots and lots of love always

Aw! This blog is such a good idea!!
How odd about the squash – you’ll have to stock up on blackcurrant, hehe!!

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