Manitoulin Island

A few pictures from our weekend:

Hannah and I got out and about a bit last weekend, they’ve had a very wet start to the year here, we’ve not noticed it really, but apparently water levels are high, in other parts of Canada there is flooding but nothing that serious here. We went to Manitoulin island on Sunday and saw the Bridal Vail falls:

Wikipidia’s take on the falls

Cornwall UK, has a land mass of 3,563 km2 (1,376 sq mi) and Manitoulin Island has a land mass of 2,766 kmĀ² (1,068 square miles), not that different! However the population of Cornwall is a fraction over half a million but Manitoulin island is about 12.5 thousand!

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Love the little facts-are they Brendan’s input? Looks like you had a good weekend, can we go there when I come over? Also exciting news about the job prospect Hannah-a bit random though! xxxxxxxx

Yup they are Brendans input!! Yes we will definitely have to go there – I have quite a list now of things for us to do when you are down.
The job should be quite interesting – and a good way of meeting people!! Also I think they pay for you to get your food safety cert which will be handy.

Very pleased to see the photos – we were wondering what had happened to the blog! Good to see ‘favourites’ appearing in the photos – vehicles and the movies.
Thank you for the technical detail Brendan.
Lots and lots of love
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(all Dad’s as Mum is at work)

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