PowerUp FPV

I did some more flying the other day, mostly it went very well, failed to record too much, but still. I flew at Caesars Fort, an Iron Age hill fort that is now part of Bracknell Forest and within easy walking distance for me. The last flight was by far the most exciting. The app crashed about 30 seconds after getting in the air. I was flying in a large open space, surrounded with trees. The plane stopped responding and just flew away towards the trees, it made it pretty far before (virtually out of sight) before either stopping or hitting a tree or foliage towards the top of a massive ever green. I didn’t see what happen so started walking towards the edge of the hill fort. The plane has a beeper which sounds when the plane thinks it’s crashed, and initially I wasn’t able to hear it. I climbed down the edge of the fort, imagining that I was going to find that it was stuck way up in a tree. upon reaching the base of the fort I heard the beeper going off and located it on the ground in the dead bracken. Spot the plane in the picture below:

The recordings of the flights were not great as the sun was low and the light poor.

20161228_154909.jpg 20161228_154843.jpg 20161228_154757.jpg 20161228_154530.jpg

Radiator and Gerry Can

I have painted my Radiator gloss black now. It’s looking nice. Also Hannah got me a Gerry Can for Christmas, not my only gift, but it fits here.

20161228_141503.jpg 20161228_141426.jpg

20161228_164402.jpg 20161228_164327.jpg 20161228_164303.jpg 20161228_164246.jpg

Sunk Boat

In the Truro estuary there has been a large boat, which I think was lived on, as i had a gang plank. It is here:

The boat has toppled over now and I would imagine is not faring so well at high water.

20161218_103654.jpg 20161218_103626.jpg