Greys Court and Nuffield House

We visited Nuffield House and Greys Court on Saturday with Martin and Diane. It was interesting just how much more I noticed this time around, having been there once before. The thickness of doors and robustness and build quality of the fixtures and fittings in Nuffield House is impressive.

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Since Joel has been living with us we have been doing jigsaws what we received for Christmas.
Today we organised all the thousand bits by colours and parts. Hannah also had her heals out tonight. We went to a pub quiz the other night, that’s where we parked.

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Land Rover to Cornwall

I took the Land Rover to Cornwall for an MoT and removal of the bulk head. I’m keen to see how good or bad the bulk head is, then perhaps replace it with a different one or just mend and galvanise the one that goes back on. I might ever get this disk brake thing sorted and on. The Land Rover might be be back on the road until winter, or later..
While in Cornwall we went out on some green lanes and visited Polly Joke.

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Pictures I never got around to posting

Changed a head light bulb and wound up cleaning the head lights out.






Got some axle stands as a leaving gift from Golder:


Saw a well burned out Land Rover on my way home on my last day working at Golder.