Land Rover SE England

Laning Arborfeild

I fitted the hood sticks and put the soft top on. These are the aluminium brackets that I have made using rivnuts.

20151031_145005.jpg 20151031_145028.jpg

I went out laning today for a few hours:


20151031_154728.jpg 20151031_154739.jpg 20151031_163812.jpg 20151031_163820.jpg 20151031_165023.jpg 20151031_173353.jpg

I came across a ford, that has warning sign saying something like “Ford only passable in low water conditions”. Sure enough the water was about 0.7 m deep. I drove in until my foot well was very close to getting wet inside, at which point I reversed out. I didn’t fancy drowning the land rover at night.

20151031_171926.jpg 20151031_171933.jpg

Cat House SE England Volvo


That small brown toad stool that I posted a picture of the other week. Well it grew, as did the little red and white one, though that one lost it’s colour a little.

20151022_163857.jpg 20151022_163913.jpg 20151022_163942.jpg

 There was a pretty morning sky last week at work, I took this from the landing outside the office.


The cat pulled some funny faces and I happened to be trying to get an awesome picture of him roaring.

20151019_183355.jpg 20151019_183354.jpg

A rusty grizzly, no miss spelling or bad grammar at all. A grizzly is a type of very course screen using for separating large rocks from smaller ones.


SE England

Northern lights by Craig

When I travelled to Kiruna I landed to see the aurora, I just got 10 photos of black on my phone but Craig did better.DSC_0349.JPG


The photo’s are good, but far from realistic, the lights are more white than green, the ribbon like shape is more deinfed and crisp than the pictures shows too. the bottom edge of the lights were actually glowing red, which I have not seen before. I was told by someone that they have been experiencing these very extreme lights for a month or so now.

Land Rover

Videos of Wales trip

Canada SE England

Various bits and bobs

Last week I finally diagnosed and fixed the tinny noise that the land rover develop while in Wales, the exhaust had come lose at the joint with the manifold. The brass bolts that I’d used made life easy as they’ve not corroded as steel ones would have done.

Put some glass blocks in the wall between the utility and the hall way. Hannah’s idea which we’ve now put into practice.

20151010_143119.jpg 20151010_153247.jpg 20151010_154619.jpg

We have a whole load of mushrooms and toadstools coming up in our garden.

20151010_161842.jpg 20151010_161903.jpg 20151010_161952.jpg 20151010_161928.jpg

Today we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving. We had Hannah’s family up for the day, Hannah cooked turkey with all the trimmings, she made three options for desert and even made butter tarts, that were brilliant. We went for a walk at South Hill Park;


Land Rover

Wales by Ralph

Ralph took some good pictures:

12139938_10153326455864545_8599227606564096296_o.jpg 12079982_10153326470834545_5150899060455271674_o.jpg 12091169_10153326457589545_2196655627572690745_o.jpg 12068769_10153326457869545_8685784176408486200_o.jpg 12032639_10153326458094545_3268566599019541952_o.jpg 12094997_10153326458434545_199637081674367501_o.jpg 12094761_10153326459254545_8852875970835506595_o.jpg 12138355_10153326459249545_4547670514238935192_o.jpg 12109853_10153326460459545_4346567202322249733_o.jpg 12031543_10153326460624545_5122445838564017046_o.jpg 12109962_10153326460759545_7481121021471847734_o.jpg 12138415_10153326457229545_9213744689602756782_o.jpg 12120111_10153326469519545_1750580874691041275_o.jpg 12017689_10153326469684545_189891109677241107_o.jpg 11223776_10153326462779545_7285983960945144656_o.jpg 12113528_10153326466929545_8433687132755604479_o.jpg 12039150_10153326465949545_969661260381581673_o.jpg 12068820_10153326468469545_5486043128131525626_o.jpg 12039130_10153326466229545_9204240064305675410_o.jpg 12079982_10153326473349545_5934464612236023513_o.jpg 12080095_10153326455429545_6954918194161722537_o.jpg 12095288_10153326466494545_2481017914694422065_o.jpg 12119934_10153326467214545_8112327526794526495_o.jpg 12140050_10153326467269545_7489920081404784383_o.jpg 12052411_10153326467279545_5860767199971526656_o.jpg 12120153_10153326461059545_1729895303710792268_o.jpg 12052457_10153326462234545_4894136883062215853_o.jpg 12119941_10153326471254545_2965966294215370351_o.jpg 12140088_10153326473079545_1469091357109047830_o.jpg