Wales Trip – Day 1

Friday we traveled to wales, met at some services just over the big river.

We then traveled in a group of three trucks on wards. I managed over 20mpg on the motorway.

20150925_102656.jpg 20150925_135816.jpg 20150925_152758.jpg 20150925_153432.jpg 20150925_160418-EFFECTS.jpg 20150925_160425.jpg 20150925_163736.jpg 20150925_174156.jpg 20150925_175609.jpg

Sweden again

I saw this in the foyer of terminal 2, thought it was pretty cool, it is similar to a design that Gavin and I came up with for the Spitfire competition that we entered.


Travelled to Sweden, Kiruna, again. The trip was fun, I got some nice pictures on the flight in.


The view from one of the hotels in Kiruna.


Galvanising and laning

Today I managed to visit a galvanising services in Wolverhampton for work. I got a tour around the facility and shown the vat of molten zink. I was not allowed to take pictures inside, which is a shame.

The soft top is pretty water tight now. BUT I only partially covered some patches, so thats not great. Now I need to find some of the oil based water sealer..


I also went to laning again this evening. I had spotted this lane and chosen not to try it that time.

20150914_185013.jpg 20150914_185023.jpg 20150914_185031.jpg 20150914_185035.jpg 20150914_185349.jpg 20150914_185634.jpg 20150914_185647.jpg 20150914_185655.jpg

 I also did a ford:

20150914_183647.jpg 20150914_183830.jpg


Lanes near Holyport

I went for a very short trip in the land rover over near Holyport. I have found a lane which has a vehicle restriction of 5′-6″ width on it. My land rover fits between the bollards!! I have not yet done it, because there was also a road closed sign there, but I will return and do it.

20150913_184429.jpg 20150913_184041.jpg 20150913_184458.jpg 20150913_184521.jpg


Waterproofed the soft top, doesn’t it look nice and waterproof? Actually is really hard to see. Especially in the photo. Is easy to feel though, very oily /waxy to the touch.

TV 20150912_182233.jpg 20150912_182222.jpg

 The other morning I walked to pick up a rental car from just up the road, this is South Hill  Park.


Civil War

Martin and I went and watched a re-enactment of the English Civil War. It was very good, but the weather was as good as it might have been.

20150831_140006.jpg 20150831_143536.jpg 20150831_144423.jpg 20150831_144426.jpg 20150831_141643.jpg 20150831_144850.jpg 20150831_144759.jpg 20150831_134625.jpg