Cupboard door

Today Tigger has developed a new way of letting is know he’s hungry. He goes and claws the cupboard door open so that it bangs shut. I think he’s fine out before. But today it worked because I saw his bowl was empty and so feed him.

Week off

In Cornwall. Taken from the top of the hill between Lanner and Four Lanes.
20140607_102114.jpg 20140605_101935_Richtone(HDR).jpg

View from the cliffs over Godrevy.

20140605_200819.jpg 20140605_201224.jpg

The land rover.

20140605_151708.jpg 20140606_183909.jpg

This is a land rover workshop. Not mine. And I can’t mention who’s it is. The floor is as covered as the rest of it.



Today we took Hannah’s car to Bourne End garage for its MoT, we ride our bikes back via the footpaths through the fields. It was a lovely ride.

20140602_100442(0).jpg 20140602_100455.jpg

I got a couple of pictures which I thought I’d share. The house fly or common house fly as they are known have conservation status!
The beetle is a Cockchafer or May Bug. It will live for about a month in this form, having lived for between 3 to 4 years as a ‘pest’ in its grub form.

2014-06-02 20.57.28.jpg 2014-06-02 20.51.39.jpg

Licking lips

Tigger often spends ages licking his lips having eaten. Its amuses me no end. So I felt that I should share it so that I might find someone else who is equally amused.