Last weekend and this one..

We went for a quick trip up to Onaping falls to see the fall colors. We walked down to the base of the falls and also over the bridge. We stopped in at an ice cream place and got some chocolates. They were very good. Didn’t last long.

Earlier this week we spent a voucher given to us by Dave, an amazon voucher which we’d been wonder what we’d spend it on. We browsed Amazon for ideas. Hannah spotted a KitchenAid hand mixer that she fancied, so we got it. It’s pretty and blue.. You’ll see in the pictures. Hannah had a baking day today, she’s made rock cakes, cookies and muffins.

Aloe Vera Canada

No Phishing

Well today i have had good news from FreeVirtualServers, they say that they can find no phishing content on my website! Which is great news, so I can move forward from here! As you can see, we have added our own pictures to the header banner now.

The Aloe Vera plant is doing well considering it recent incident.

Picture of my aloe vera plant scars
Scars are healing well, the other leaves do not appear to have been affected by trauma.

I few the helicopter again last night, outside, it was completely still, so I was able to improve I feel. I hovered a few times and flew about in the carpark.


Had issues with phishing not fishing

Well, I found that we could no longer access as our router was suggesting that it was being used for phishing activity. So I took the old website down, save it all, but it’s not longer accessible online.

It has been replaced with this WordPress blog, which is unmodified for the time being.

Hope you’re all well, all the best,

Brendan & Hannah

Aloe Vera Helicopter

Helicopter incident

I had an “incident” involving the helicopter last Thursday evening.

I was flying it in our small apartment, first off I was just lifting only a few mm’s off the floor, then trying to control it, this was proving difficult, so i Googled why it was setting off left every time. Turns out that since the helicopter has only 3 channels of control and no blade pitch control, it will suffer from that effect, caused by the tail rotor resisting the torsion of the main rotor.. so all helicopters suffer from this to some extent. To mitigate this effect it is best to reach a height of 3 feet in the air before trying to hover etc, this also gets away from ground effect problems.. Ground effect makes all the controls far more sensitive apparently. With this in mind I went back to trying, and soon was up above 4 feet, then I went towards the window, reduced throttle a lot to avoid a collision with the window, the helicopter dropped into my Aloe Vera plant, the rotor sliced up the leaves a treat… poor plant.

I have been nurturing this plant for a few months now, I think I got the plant in May, it was quite weedy then. The leaves were doing very well. I hope it recovers. If not there are a few small plants which have sprung up, so they will succeed it if not.

All pictures of plant and helicopter.


Back home

We had a good journey home, no hold ups a few noisy children but nothing too disastrous.

We’ve now been married for 368 days and I love my wife more than ever – and she says she loves me too!

The Fall colors (Autumn colours) are now yellow rather red.

The purpose of this post was to let everyone one know that we made it back safe and sound even through there was a lot of turbulence a fog at Toronto.